Saturday, 18 March 2017

Last minute rebuild

It's only 4 weeks or so till Easter and after leaving the bike sat untouched for so long , happy that it was all ready to go. I woke up the other morning and decided i should strip it and check it over. So it's currently in bits, but the good news is I've not found anything really wrong. I'll not be changing anything, just a good clean and put it back together i think.

A few weeks ago i took the bike to the Northwest stages rally exhibition in Blackpool, an event i did last year. Once again it was good show with lots of interest in the bike and loads of the Santa Pod leaflets and flyers had been taken when i got there on Saturday. The drag car didn't show which was a shame but i'd still do it next year if asked.

The Busa funnybike has made a little more progress recently, with the arrival off the offset front sprocket i've been able to make the engine plate and mount the bearing holder. It needs final shaping, and then  - if i can be bothered i'll map it into a .DWG file just in case i have to make another and i can have it waterjet cut. The plate is simply sandwiched between the outer cover and the crankcases, so the flywheel and generator windings can still be used, just with a spacer behind them.

And finally ....
LS650 Donor bike
I've started building another bike frame. Not a drag bike at all this one. I always fancied building a chopper, and I've been on the lookout for a donor bike for ages. I wanted a big cc single cylinder engine, and I've bought a Suzuki LS650 savage, which fits the bill perfectly. The idea is simple really, to just have fun building it, and do it basically when there's nothing else to do, and make good use of some of the kit i've bought over the years. Not sure what it will look like yet but i'll post the odd picture as i go even though it's not a dragbike,  it is a chop and we are team bopchop!

The first part of many. The headstock tube

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