Sunday, 5 February 2017

What's in store for 2017

For the first time since October I've actually done some work in preparation for the 2017 season.
I've done the boring bits like renewing club membership and race license of course, but i did have some issues with the bikes ignition triggers and rotor at the last meeting so i have parts to replace those (i had to replace 2 sets as i broke the borrowed ones too!). And i also have a new/secondhand MSD MC4 Ignition to fit, as the old one had stopped talking to the laptop some time ago, and I've not been able to make any changes.
I have a new back tyre to fit as well - the old one is far from worn out but I'll get the new one fitted and the old one put on the wheel of top secret/someone else's dragbike.
Wide slick type tyres last really well, it's one of the things that people expect to be an expensive part, but the tyres done 45 runs and probably has another 15-20 left in it, that's just  £4.16 per run!

Later this month I'll be putting the bike on display at the North west stages rally exhibition in Blackpool. An event i attended last year and well worth doing again. I've been told there will be a drag car in attendance too this time so i'll not be alone- although it was the only bike at the whole show.

The plan for the race season is to do all the ACU events as usual (the Santa Pod ones i get free entry for winning the club championship!) Which this year is slightly different due to the loss of the Extreme Bike weekend and the addition of Race, Rock n Ride. But 6 events in total, 4 at the Pod and 2 at Shakey. Plus, we hope to do both European events at the pod, the Main event and Euro Finals.

Santa Pod - Festival of Power, 14th-16th April
Shakespeare County Raceway - Springspeed Nationals, 29th April -1st May
Santa Pod - Race, Rock 'n' Ride , 20th & 21st May
Santa Pod - Summer Nationals, 24th & 25th June
Shakespeare County Raceway - Open Sport Nationals, 26th-28th August
Santa Pod - National Finals, 23rd & 24th September

Santa Pod - Main event, 26th-29th May
Santa Pod - Euro Finals, 7th-10th September

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