Monday, 27 July 2015

A lick of paint

Made a start on painting the new bike at the weekend. It took hours to mask out, and there's 3 more colours to go yet!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Some stainless tigging.

Some months ago i picked up a used but very good condition - full stainless Vance & Hines pro pipe exhaust. I wanted it for the new bike as my current one is rusting badly from the inside out.
I guessed it would need some modification to fit my chassis as it was off a prostock bike with narrower frame rails. And when you buy them new they come in several pieces and you have to finish them yourself. It's a real nice system - wafer thin and very very light. Anyway, i had to hack saw it in two and add extensions to the headers and a 2 inch section to the downpipe to make it clear the frame. I'm not a very accomplished tig welder and it's particularly tricky welding such thin material, but I've just about pulled it off i think. I want to ditch the megaphone section for a narrower straight pipe. Will ask a sheet metal place to roll me a tube out of wafer thin stainless sheet i think.

Due largely to a lack of time I've decided to fit my current engine into the new chassis as is, and chosen to save the bigger block and head till i have more time. It also means i have less to test at first, making the transition simpler perhaps.

I've managed to part with all the Lectron WOT switch / carb tops i made, several fellow racers had requested them and I'd left myself without on e... again! So I've now done a CAD file and am having another small batch waterjet cut. It's a slightly different design but is less wasteful, and more accurate to produce. I'll just finish the cut parts on the mill.

I had the front wheel blasted a few weeks ago too. The wheel is Cagiva Mito 125 and had spots of corrosion and some small pitting. I tried to clean it up but it was going to be  alot of work. Anyway - £20 to have it blasted and it's come up brilliant. Too nice to paint almost. But it's been painted black already ..... before it starts oxidizing again.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Lets build a dragbike

I've started on the final build of the new bike. The downside is, I've been pillaging bits off the old one and it's starting to look a bit sorry for itself.
Bodywork is now in white primer awaiting masking out and a nice day to start getting some coats of paint on it. The plan is still to try and have it ready for the next meeting at the end of august. With bits now removed from the old bike there's no going back really.

Yesterday i finished this dashboard/surround and switch thing for the Nitrous controller. It doesn't need it of course but a good example of waterjet cutting put to good effect once again! It took me maybe an hour to design that file and probably 1 minute 48 seconds to cut it.

Top fairing is Ducati 848/1098 but modified a bit.
I also fiberglassed a tiny part of the sidepanels to it as it didn't look right otherwise. I just bought some scratched panels off eBay and sawed the scratched bit off.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Not the summer Nationals

We didn't make it to the summer nationals last weekend. We set off and made it just past Manchester when coolant started leaking into the passenger footwell, not dripping but a full-on flow. I managed to get it home by topping it up and pouring in yet another bottle of radweld, but the heater matrix now
definitely needs replacing.

The frame for new bike is now 100% finished and has been coated with 3 coats of a clear rust inhibitor. It's not getting painted, it looks great just as it is.


Monday, 8 June 2015

Paint and bars

Not a lot of parts left to make for the new bike now. I finished the wheely bars at the weekend (other than needing a pair of skateboard wheels). They are a mixture of bronze welded T45 bracing and aluminium main tubes. A lot of work went into them, and it would've been easier and a lot simpler to have used all ally and have them welded. But they ain't overly heavy and are very strong.

I managed to get a coat of primer on some of the bodywork recently too. Although i had to redo some of the carbon fiber on the main shell as it had started to crack already. This time i think i have it. It'll always be prone to cracking where i rejoined the 2 halves. What i should do really is have a mould made then a new one done from that. But hey, i have enough to do!
I have  a paint scheme done on my PC, photoshop is brilliant for doing things like that. It'll be white, black, silver and dark metallic blue. I do have a spray gun bu,t i'm going to use aerosols just as i have in the past. they are cheaper than buying paint and thinners, give a great result and you don't have to clean anything afterwards.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

More pictures than words

Not really got much to say, but plenty of pictures to post.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Took the bank holiday weekend off from dragbike building, and instead went to Santa Pod to watch the main event, and guests of Bob Brooks - Yellow metal racing team. It was a great weekend even though the bike wasn't on form. Some upgrades are due and the bike should make it into the 6's sooner rather than later. Thanks to Bob for inviting us.

Back in the cellar and it's been wheely bar construction time. The bars are of a similar but improved version of my current ones, just in larger diameter tube. And this time i was able to use the lathe to thread the tubes and ends rather than a tap and die, as the headstock tube on the lathe has a much bigger diameter than the old one.

Another mission is currently underway too. The V&H head uses valves with 6mm stems, but the retainers and collets i have are for 7mm stems. To buy them new off V&H is quite expensive, so i'm attempting to make retainers out of titanium, and i'm using collets/locks from a Toyota Supra.

This one is a test piece, i have enough bar to make a full set and a couple of spares.